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The Micro-Brewery Handbook





About D.C. Reeves

Welcome To The Microbrewery Revolution

D.C. Reeves is an entrepreneur and writer who has helped lead Perfect Plain Brewing Co. to become one of Florida’s top microbrewery success stories

He spent more than a decade as an award-winning journalist, covering major college football at Florida State University and University of Alabama. The newspaper life – one-part fun, one-part deadline-induced anxiety – led him to a new-found love while traveling for work: Craft Beer. 

D.C.’s travels and moves around the nation as a sportswriter also meant a burgeoning taste for high quality local beer as well as an immense appreciation for the craft beer experience.

He returned to his hometown in 2015 with the thirst to create his dream. In 2016 he narrowed his focus and drained his retirement account to 53 cents to start Perfect Plain.

While his two-year process to create and operate a successful microbrewery began, so did D.C.’s skill set to create an excellent organization. He serves as the chief of staff to Quint Studer, the founder of Studer Group, the most renowned health care consulting company in the United States. Studer Group focused on creating well-run health care organizations.

D.C. took these lessons taught at the nation’s best health care systems, then retrofitted and realigned those practices to work in our craft beer world.

He learned about successful entrepreneurship through building a great customer experience and an awesome place to work, happiness that in each and every case cascade down to create customer satisfaction and financial success.

Despite being tucked away in the Northwest tip of Florida, Perfect Plain Brewing Company became one of the busiest taprooms in the state of Florida in its first year of operations, beating its financial projections by almost 80 percent. Better yet, D.C. logged his experiences so that one day he could share those with entrepreneurs looking to start their dream brewery, cidery or distillery.

Since opening Perfect Plain, D.C. has become a mentor to prospective and current small business owners looking to start and grow their own dream.


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If you order a copy of the Microbrewery Handbook, shoot an e-mail to to enter to win a consulting session with author D.C. Reeves as well as Perfect Plain Brewing Company Director of Brewing Operations Reed Odeneal.

1-10 Copies

If you buy 1-10 copies, you receive a lost chapter of the Microbrewery Handbook on hiring and onboarding high performing employees.

11-19 Copies

If you buy 11-19 copies, you get a lost chapter as well as exclusive checklists to help you through hiring, onboarding, buildout questions or lending interactions/inquiries.

20+ Copies

If you buy 20 or more copies, you get a 30-minute phone call with D.C. Reeves to discuss your unique brewery needs, questions and concerns.


What People are Saying


“This book was written to bridge a gap. On one side we have a superb beer technician with a burning idea about a microbrewery and on the other side we have the box of knowledge and skills requisite to business success in that industry. This book is transportation over that bridge of challenges.”

Bert Thornton

Vice Chairman Emeritus,

Former President and COO,

Waffle House, Inc


“I think it’s a great thing for you to be doing this book, because I feel the strongest economic bet you can make right now is a local tasting room brewery, not a production-oriented brewery with aspirations of going national or regional. It’s just the odds are against that today to the degree they weren’t when Dogfish was starting out.”

Sam Calagione

Founder of Dogfish Head 

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Out now, "The Microbrewery Handbook" by DC Reeves. A guide to opening and maintaining your own brewery. Northwest Beer Guide is carrying our book announcement!   Go visit them to read more

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